San Bruno Dog Day at City Park

The San Bruno Pilot Program allowing dogs on leashes in City Park and Grundy Park started today. This program will last 6 months and if all goes well may become permanent. Anyone that visits either of these parks knows that dogs have been walking on leashes forever, but today marks a milestone, its now legal.

Several months ago several SanBrunoNow members attended a Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting. Reyna and Tim requested that the city consider changing the rules that restrict dogs from being in our city parks. The City Council voted a month ago to approve the pilot program. There were many residents who spoke in favor of this program. A couple people expressed their concerns. They were concerned about the safety of those sharing the parks with our dogs and about dog owners who don’t pick up after their 4 legged kids. The success of this program is dependant upon the dog owners adhering to the posted rules.

Great work by Reyna and Tim for being the spark that started the conversation. Click here to watch Bowie stroll through the park.