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Are You Registered to Vote? If not, register here.

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San Mateo County becoming age friendly

As our population rapidly ages, it’s time to take steps to help our older adults live healthy and active lives. Data indicates that San Mateo County will have 53 percent more adults between the ages of 65 and 74 by the year 2030 than there are today and the...

Bike Paths

A More Walkable City Is Bike Friendly?

Welcome bikes. ("In Amsterdam, a city of 783,000, about 400,000 people are out riding their bikes on any given day.") This step is only minimally about walkability, except for the point that bike traffic slows car traffic. It’s all about making cities more...


KQED Newsroom Mills Park Fails

San Bruno Housing Project Fails Reported by KQED Newsroom. This is a fairly balanced view of the issues developers and neighborhoods face up and down the peninsula.  Click on the photo to watch the clip Click here -...


How to keep the peace with your neighbors when parking is tight

Street parking is an issue that can easily create conflict among neighbors in almost every part of The City. When I first moved into my house, almost 30 years ago, parking was rarely a problem. Most of the people who lived on my block were seniors who had been there for decades. Most houses had only one car, and that car was parked in the garage. Finding parking was easy. But, over time, the...

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Bayhill Specific Plan Meeting July 30th 7PM @ the Senior Center – 1555 Crystal Springs Road

Bayhill Specific Plan Meeting July 30th 7PM @ the Senior Center – 1555 Crystal Springs Road

            OVERVIEW AND KEY PROJECT GOALS  The Bayhill Specific Plan will outline a cohesive, long-term, community-driven vision for this key district, that is home to the largest cluster of offices in San Bruno, including headquarters of YouTube, as well as...

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