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We support these candidates for San Bruno City Council and Mayor this Election Cycle. We believe they represent our interest best as we take the steps needed to build a more vibrant San Bruno. They are focused on listening to whats important to you and taking the action that improves our city for all who call San Bruno home.

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Stephen A. Seymour

Stephen A. Seymour

San Bruno City Council

Stephen Seymour

From Stephen Seymour.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I must regretfully announce I will not be a candidate for San Bruno City Council in 2017. I am attending to the needs of my mother in New Mexico. My attention to her, my uncle and the plans required to relocate them closer to family has to be central to my life for the foreseeable future. I am sure many of you understand the obligations of a son at these times. While it was my fervent intention to run for City Council and move San Bruno forward, my journey must take a different path for now.

I feel with your help we have already begun to address many of the issues to improve San Bruno. Still so much needs to be done. I am most proud of how along with you and SanBrunoNow we were able to influence a discussion on our parking issues, SB Responds, discussions around development for the Transit Corridor, cleaner streets, improving Walnut Park, improving our Dog Park at Commodore Park, more enforcement action on illegal parking and blight in and around our downtown.

Whether it was through my volunteer work, work with San Bruno Now, or just meeting people around town I have REALLY enjoyed getting to know so many people throughout San Bruno. Many of you have shown a willingness to involve yourself in the civic conversation. I have enjoyed the conversations with you while canvassing neighbourhoods. I will continue to engage the city working for a better San Bruno upon my return.

Finally, I wish to congratulate Marco Durazo, Michael Salazar and Laura Davis on being candidates for city council and Rico Medina and Annette Zink on being our candidates for mayor. I want to personally support Marco. I have worked with him and have seen his passion for San Bruno. While I wish I could have served the people of San Bruno on our City Council, I want to extend my best wishes and friendship. Our City Council is entrusted with guiding San Bruno to a better place. I invite all of you to join me as residents to challenge each candidate to share their vision for our city. We need to elect the candidates that will help make San Bruno the city with a heart and a better place to live.

A very sincere thank you for all the kindness and friendship you have shown me and my wife,

Steve Seymour


I will work hard to earn your support for San Bruno City Council. We need a more representative council whose main focus will serve the residents of San Bruno. We need a more inclusive city government where everyone has a voice in the direction of San Bruno. I have a number of goals I want to achieve as a council member.

  • The city implemented an online reporting app, SB Responds so we can report issues that need focus in a more efficient manner. I first requested this app during the December 12th City Council Meeting. This provides an efficient way to report citywide issues.
    SB Responds Download here: iOSAndroid
  • New development should complement the existing neighborhoods. Our downtown corridor will thrive when new development is done with a thoughtful and insightful design that strengthens our business districts.
  • Smart parking options are needed in many of our more dense neighborhoods. I look forward to working with those affected to create a plan that works for you.
  • I will work with our residents to make our neighborhoods safer for all.
  • I want to give focus to our parks and open areas.

I retired from FedEx after more than three decades of service. I have 28 years of management experience. For 17 years I served as the Managing Director in charge of daily operations responsible for the Bay Area and Hawaii. I had responsibility for an annual operating budget of $150 million and for 2000 employees. I served two terms on the Board of the United Way of The Bay Area. I am passionate about San Bruno. My wife and I spend time volunteering with local organizations who strengthen our communities. We have probably met many of you (especially from volunteering at the Senior Center).

I moved to San Bruno 2001. My wife, Sandra Perez Vargas, has lived in San Bruno for the past 22 years. I’m the very proud father of two great daughters. One graduated from SF State and the other is currently going to NYU. After three decades of employment at FedEx I am beginning to paint again. My hobbies include cooking, running and traveling.

If given the opportunity to serve the people of San Bruno on the City Council I will work hard to serve your interests. I’m approachable and listen to the people of this city. I hope to meet all of you and earn your vote for one of the City Council Positions in 2017.

Thank you.



San Bruno Mayor


San Bruno Mayor

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