Bayhill Specific Plan Meeting July 30th 7PM @ the Senior Center – 1555 Crystal Springs Road



The Bayhill Specific Plan will outline a cohesive, long-term, community-driven vision for this key district, that is home to the largest cluster of offices in San Bruno, including headquarters of YouTube, as well as several other uses. Preparation of the Specific Plan will ensure that YouTube’s campus expansion needs are integrated into an attractive setting that benefits Bayhill’s other property owners, as well as the broader San Bruno community.

The primary goals of the Bayhill Specific Plan project include:

  • Provide a cohesive vision for Bayhill, ensuring that development is an asset to the community and enhances the area’s and the City’s identity, image, and quality of life while accommodating the expansion needs of existing businesses.
  • Take advantage of the site’s topography and natural setting to create a unique and memorable place that inspires creativity and serves as a source of pride for Bayhill businesses and the San Bruno community.
  • Integrate the office park and its surroundings with well-designed transitions, “soft edges” and ample public spaces that are inviting to workers and community members.
  • Ensure that neighborhood commercial uses at the Bayhill Shopping Center that serves the surrounding neighborhoods are retained.
  • Promote multimodal connectivity to and through Bayhill, so that walking and biking is a safe and enjoyable experience, and connections to the adjacent San Bruno Caltrain and BART stations are strengthened.
  • Design the office park to be flexible and adaptable to changing economic conditions and business needs.


What’s Happening Now & Opportunities for Community Engagement
The City Council and Planning Commission will hold a special joint meeting (study session) for the following items: Bayhill Specific Plan, Environmental Impact Report, and YouTube Phase 1 Office Development Project.  The meeting will be held on July 31, 2019, at the San Bruno Senior Center, 1555 Crystal Springs Road, at 7:00 pm.

At this special meeting, the City Council and Planning Commission will receive an update on the development of the Bayhill Specific Plan, Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and the YouTube Phase 1 Office Development Project.

Additional meeting dates and updated information will be posted on this website as they become available.

The Bayhill Specific Plan planning process will include the following four phases:

1. Visioning and Background Studies.

Engage the community, property owners, and other stakeholders in developing a cohesive vision and set of guiding principles. Concurrently, the planning team will research and analyze existing conditions to identify the key issues and opportunities that the Specific Plan should address.

2. Alternatives and Preferred Plan. Based on the results of the visioning exercises and background research, the planning team will prepare and analyze a series of alternative design concepts. After extensive public outreach and decision-maker input, the options will be narrowed to a single “EIR Preferred Alternative.”

3. Draft Specific Plan and Environmental Review. The EIR Preferred Alternative will be studied in the Environmental Impact Report, but will not necessarily be the Alternative that is included within the Specific Plan. The EIR Preferred Alternative can reflect a bigger development “envelope” than the City may ultimately choose to adopt as part of the Specific Plan. The analysis of the EIR Preferred Alternative will provide valuable information that will help the Planning Commission and City Council decide on the Specific Plan level of development.

4. Adoption. Following the public review period, a revised Specific Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council for adoption at public hearings.


The vision for the Bayhill Specific Plan will be developed in close collaboration with the community. As a result, the planning process will include numerous opportunities for community engagement, including the following:

  • Stakeholder Interviews. Small group meetings held with a diverse set of stakeholders, such as property and business owners, community groups, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, transit riders, neighborhood representatives, and others who may be most interested in and/or affected by the project.
  • Property Owner Forums. Meetings focused on Bayhill property owners that will allow these critical stakeholders to provide input and stay up to date with the project.
  • Community Workshops. Family-friendly events open to the entire community that will present issues and working design concepts, facilitate dialogue and elicit feedback at key stages in the planning process.
  • Online Survey. An online complement to the public workshops that will enable people to easily and quickly provide input regarding the concept Alternatives.
  • Planning Commission and City Council Meetings. Periodic check-ins with decision-makers to ensure that both bodies are informed about the project and have opportunities to provide periodic direction.


Bayhill Specific Plan Documents