At the moment, we report on a subset of incidents that are reported to 911.

InclusionsWe include major incidents that are in progress, or ones that we assess could affect public safety. This determination is made on a case-by-case basis by our trained team of analysts. For example, we report on:

  • Alleged crimes in progress, including assaults and fights; incidents involving firearms or other weapons; and thefts, burglaries, and robberies
  • Fire, smoke, and situations involving hazardous materials
  • Heightened police activity, such as pursuits of suspects, officers requesting backup, crime-related canvasses, and special investigations of bomb threats or suspicious unattended packages

ExclusionsWe leave out many minor incidents, or incidents that we assess are unlikely to impact public safety. We generally do not include:

  • When someone calls the fire department to report an “odor of gas”
  • Most medical-related incidents
  • Most non-violent situations where police and medics are dealing with individuals described by police as “emotionally disturbed persons” or mentally ill
  • Verbal disputes that do not involve weapons or lead to physical altercations
  • Disputes inside private residences

Past Incidents:  Many incidents are reported to police after they are already over. We generally don’t include incidents where police are simply responding to take a report, since past incidents no longer impact public safety. We may include if there’s indication of an ongoing investigation, suspect search, or a new development occurs.

We are always trying to improve our ability to report on what matters most to our users. If you know of a major incident or crime in your neighborhood that was reported to 911 but did not show up in the app, please send details to, and we’ll look into it.