Stoplight at El Camino & Santa Lucia By Ryan M.

Hello, Several months ago, before the pedestrian crossing lights were installed at Santa Lucia and El Camino (where the Arco AM/PM market is), I contacted CalTrans about making that a controlled intersection with stoplights. For years I have seen how dangerous that intersection is. Then I saw someone nearly run over before my eyes. I decided I had to say something.

Caltrans did not let me know their plans for the crossing at that time. I followed the process for CalTrans and brought the matter to the San Bruno Traffic Safety and Parking Committee (TSPC).

While pedestrian safety is greatly improved by the new crossing lights, I wonder if it still needs to be a controlled intersection with a light for vehicular safety.

I’m asking those that live in the area, those using Santa Lucia and Santa Dominga if I should continue to ask the TSPC to upgrade that intersection to a stoplight for vehicular safety or is the new pedestrian crossing good enough.

I thank you for your input. Ryan M.