San Bruno Water/Sewer Rates

Marty Medina and Rico Medina voted against the water and sewer rate increases on May 9th, 2017. Marty offered some ideas to offset the increase. Not one of his fellow council members took even a moment to discuss Marty’s ideas or any of their own. The Mayor is quoted in the accompanying San Mateo Daily Journal Article as saying, ” “People complained, but if you look at the overall response, it was a vocal and very, very small amount of people,” –  This effectively nullifies a hundred letters written by residents in protest and the more then 30 people in attendance at the meeting. We believe that infrastructure improvements were overlooked for years, therefore need our cities attention.  We also believe that efficiency improvements and PGE money could offset the increase we will all feel when we turn our water faucets on. What do you feel about the increase and the San Mateo Daily Journal article quoted?  Please leave your comments.

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