San Bruno is currently working through a sub-committee process to determine how to best address the growing parking challenges many of us face. Connie Jackson, our City Manager, was quoted in the Daily Journal on March 4th regarding this issue.

She did note though she believed a parking permit program could be effective in limiting those who park in neighborhoods only to catch Caltrain or walk to jobs nearby. Non-resident parking only worsens a problem that existed previously though, she said. Parking commercial vehicles on the street further exacerbates the congestion too, she said.

Should officials consider moving ahead with a residential parking permit program, they should keep an eye to cost as well, according to the report showing neighboring communities with similar policies do not generate enough revenue to be self-sustaining.

For example, a similar program in Daly City costs $150,000 to operate which was nearly double the amount of money generated through citations, according to the report.


In some of our neighborhoods people park their vehicles that are not registered here for extended lengths of time. Many park their vehicles, then have a friend take them to the airport or to the train. These vehicles can be on our streets for weeks. This adds to an already challenging situation. We have commercial vehicles who park on our streets, but the owners do not live here. We believe every car registered to a residence in the neighborhood should be permitted. Visitors should be allowed to park for a limited time. We would also suggest that the city have a visitor parking permit application for those who will visit for an extended time. This kind of permitting plan would keep those who should not be in our neighborhoods out. Ms. Jackson agrees. that a permitting plan would keep those who do not live in our neighborhoods out. This is the most compelling reason for a permitting plan. Our city should not under estimate the help a permitting plan would give to these neighborhoods. Cities around us have permitted parking programs for years. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can use what Millbrae, SSF, Daly City, Burlingame and San Mateo have learned.

Ms. Jackson argues that if the cost of a permitting plan is not sustained by the revenue that it generates then we should not implement it. We believe this is a quality of life issue and the city should find the money to implement it. Does the revenue generated by our city parks or our library sustain the cost of managing them? We think the city has an obligation to ease our current parking issues through the management of a well thought out plan.

Why should we have to park a block or more away from our homes because vehicles that do not belong in our neighborhoods are parked in front of our homes? Why should commercial vehicles from auto repair shops or auto dealership litter our streets without enforcement? Our city has ignored this for years. Our city has failed to address the parking needs when approving building permits. An example of this: every member of our current City Council, except for Marty Medina, approved the building permit for 406 – 418 San Mateo Avenue (the old El Camino Theater site). They waived the parking requirements in the city code. This decision further impacts the neighborhoods around downtown. This site sits at the top of San Mateo Avenue and will have 83 residential units. The City approved this with only 106 parking sites. We expect more than 50 cars from this site to pour onto already overcrowded streets from future residents. Further excaerbatng the problem, they required no parking spaces for the businesses that will occupy the first floor (also required by code). Their decision to approve this will effect those who live and those who own and operate businesses nearby. This decision will make both opening a business or purchasing a home less desirable. Our City Council and city management must start thinking about how their decisions impact our future.

We want to encourage everyone who faces these challenges to attend the next Traffic Safety & Parking Committee Meeting. This meeting will be held on Wednesday April 5th from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The Traffic Safety & Parking Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at City Hall, located at 567 El Camino Real, in Conference Room 115.

We doubt our city will take steps to address the challenges we face without your attendance. We recognize there are different challenges in each impacted neighborhood and expect each one would find a solution that works best for them. We realize not all neighborhoods are impacted. Our survey shows that a majority of those who participated believe a parking permit plan could ease their current parking epidemic. We hope the city listens to those who took this survey. Please bring your friends and family to the meeting on the 5th and let the city know what you think. Tell them how bad parking is in your neighborhood. This is our town and we need to get involved to persuade our elected officials to make the right decisions. We elected them to act on our behalf, lets make sure they do.

We have attached the results of our parking survey for your review. Click on the link below.






COMMENTS BELOW – Here is a sampling of the comments made. We are not posting them all. It is easy to see that this is an issue that is NOT limited to the east side and that many in San Bruno are frustrated with the current parking environment. There are many causes, but we feel they all boil down to the abscence of a well defined development plan focused on adequate parking for all new and past development and the neglect of our city for not addressing this issue many years ago. This is a quality of life issue. Our city has the responsibility to protect the Health, Welfare and Safety of ALL San Bruno Residents. This is an issue that directly affects all (3). Its critical everyone who took part in this survey email their city council and city manager at (_Mayor/ and ( and let them know how you feel about parking. We will be forwarding all of this information to the city for their review. 

  1. permits should be issued to the address where the vehicle is registered to only for that block

     2. Not permitted cars should be allowed to park for more than two hours. Cars blocking a driveway other than your own should be ticketed and towed. Cars blocking a side walk so that a wheelchair or a stroller can’t pass should be ticketed and towed after one warning.

     3. In my neighborhood, residence have closed up their garages to make for more living space. Resulting in less usable street parking in our neighborhood. Residence use their garages for storage and not for a car. Over parking forces me to park on the street across the front of my own driveway ramp. Our second car is kept in our garage. Residence are renting out their driveways for persons going to and from SFO and awaiting Uber. Neighbors have their close friends park on our street and head to SFO for their on vacation. Flight attendants also use our streets for their free parking. Residence use our streets to store their unused trucks and cars for 3 months and longer. There are times when I am forces to park in my short driveway at the end of my driveway ramp. I would like to see the option for the homeowner parking access to include the driveway or on the street at the ramp area to their driveway remain option.. This area in front of ones home should be available for loading, unloading and parking. Not for any other use. I would like permits issued for overnight friends and caregivers . Thank you for consideration in this matter.

    4. There may be special permits issued for care givers, out of town family or friends visiting for a few day.

    5. Never had a problem until the neighbors started renting out rooms and building in law units. Shouldn’t be able to do that without a street parking spot.

    6. Start tagging these cars that are parked on the sidewalk!!! We can’t even go fir a walk without walking in the street ! I don’t have a parking problem on my block however I’m active with people who choose to take park in my street take uber to the airport will have no car when they return ! I think if a car parked on the street that’s been reported to be none of the neighbors should be towed after 3 days ! I utilize my driveway and some don’t even do that! The areas which u require a permit to the owners should not have to pay they pay tax to the city as it is at least the home owner does

     7. People who are affected by parking violators should be compensated for their inconvenience out of a portion of the citation monies collected.

    8. I believe the first parking permit per household should be free, with a modest fee for the second, but a steeper and increasing fee for each subsequent permit.

    9. I believe I should be able to park in my drive way if I’m not blocking all of the side walk, and there is plenty room to get by.

   10. Where do I begin. I am so angry that NOW we are now suppose to even park in our OWN DRIVEWAY because they are too short. We do not have commercial vehicles like the avenues; we apartment buildings on the other side of our st that provide few parking spaces for their residents. There are 2 or 3 cars on the street for every legal parking space. Add to that the houses that have illegal divisions where more than 1 family resides in a single house. After 5pm when I get home, there is no parking left in the neighborhood. If I don’t park in my short driveway, I’d need to have Uber drive me to my house from my legal parking space. I am a minority because I actually own my home and have for 35 years. I feel like I have NO rights anymore.

    11. We have a major problem in the 5th edition area, where the cars from autobody shops being repaired are parked on the streets for days and weeks taking our available parking.I think that if there running a business they should have a location allocated for that purpose and not public streets

   12. Yes, I am appalled about the parking on my street. It is looking like a junk yard orScrap yard,call it what you want.Have a neighbor who has 7 cars …some that are covered with tarps,others parked on sidewalk others being worked on. So needless to say I can not come home and park in front of my house,and when I can we have to shuffle cars to try and keep a spot to park. I am a homeowner and pay taxes.i just want a place in FRONT of my home to park. And now the want to build a apartment building around the corner with not enough parking, so that means even more cars …no end..very upset about parking in San something about it please …clean it up San Bruno

    13. the city allowed variances to add on to homes over 1825 sq ft without requiring a second car accommodation and knew the driveway was already not long enough to accommodate a car and now they want to site these same people…parking is limited on our streets, garages are small and often not used for vehicles, if each person practiced common courtesy and parked in front of their own homes we would not be having these parking wars…I know there is not law that says the parking in front of your house is yours but please be respectful of your neighbors. Maybe the city can offer free dumpsters to encourage some to clean out their garage or basement to allow for a car to park inside. One car out of place and it effects the whole neighborhood.

    14. Have Designated visitor parking

    15. Too many people bring their work vehicles home and take up valuable parking spots, especially on weekends when they do not move.

    16.  One main hot button issue here is the fact that a number of homes were built with sub-standard driveway length. In some of the home, you cannot even park a sub-compact vehicle without it being over the sidewalk. I think it is deplorable for the city to give fines to those people whose cars partially block the sidewalk. If you home was built before 1960, I believe you should be exempt from this sidewalk parking fine.

    17. I’ve seen too many limousines and alike vehicles for businesses using public streets for long term parking purposes. Cherry Ave. near YouTube buildings is a good example.

   18. Enforcement needed for parking and code violations like parking on lawns and other illegal areas oversize vehicles..and no permits to limos..and business vehicles..

   19. If Residents are allowed only 2 parking permits, they could also have an option to purchase an additional permit(s).

   20. Palo Alto and many other cities ticket for cars parked on the wrong side of the street. It prevents accidents when pulling out and you can park more cars. Recommend that San Bruno adopt.

    21. San Bruno is an older city. Streets weren’t built when families had multiple cars. Business areas weren’t built with shipments in mind. The city must support businesses to keep our city lively, vibrant and a destination.

   22. We only have one car and it does stick out onto the sidewalk when we park in our short driveway. Because of this, we park on the street. Especially after hearing neighbors were being ticketed for blocking the sidewalk. I have noticed, however, many people with ample parking space in their driveways do not utilize this space – instead, parking in the street.

   23. Each household has about four cars, plus extra tenants that live with them. Majority of them have guests that decide to abandon their cars on the street and leave it for days, sometimes weeks. Living on the corner near the bart station is another issue. Bart riders park on our residential streets so they don’t have to pay. We can’t even say anything to them anymore because our streets are technically “public parking”. Calling the police department doesn’t help. Cars have to be parked more than 72 hours for a warning, then another 24 for final warning, then they get towed?! Ridiculous. It should be an automatic citation. This isn’t fair to us, who pay city taxes, and we can’t have a reasonable parking? I shouldn’t have to worry every time I come home for a parking spot. Implementing a parking permit for residents, and having hourly parking would seriously help this issue. You’ll have less complaints to deal with it, and happy residents.

    24. We need to resolve these problems as soon as possible. I have lived in my home for 40 years and am very frustrated that I now can’t even park in my own driveway. Thanks for creating this survey.

    25. My concern is no only for our every day use but what about family that comes to visit or if we have a party that is longer than two hours. I don’t want our guest to have to run out every two hours to move their cars. I wish I knew more about how permits would work so I could better answer the questions. The biggest problem I see right now is that our neighbors can not park their cars in their short driveways and that is adding hundreds of cars to need street parking.

   26. Permits may not help, we already have the power. maybe reminders in SB bulletins/flyer that we should report over 72 hrs parked cars. i already do. and have metermaid spot ck certain areas a week. thx for trying

   27. The worst is cars blocking driveways and fire hydrants, they should be towed immediately

   28. I feel as if some streets should be one way to prevent people from trying to pass each other and hitting legally parked cars. Also people shouldn’t be penalized for parking in their own driveways legally regardless of blocking the sidewalks or not.

   29. Please ticket cars for parking the wrong way, there are blocks where the cars on both sides of the street are all facing against traffic.

   30. Designated parking areas around the city for campers, boats, large vehicles that are in now in front of homes for a reasonable fee. These large vehicles are eyesores and hazards in our neighborhoods. Also, on my block, residents fix vehicles in their driveways for profit and have also painted vehicles without tenting so the particles are directly released into the air.

   31. I have a caregiver that needs to park in the street for 4-6 hours a day she will not have a permit parking.. Also if someone is disabled they should be allowed to park there own car in front of there home if they have a disabled permit. Permit parking should be free if they have a tiny car or clean energy car..

   32. Millbrae has a plan that work immediately after it was implemented

   33. Parking lots should be available to tenants that live in the neighborhood without dear of parking citations. It’s difficult to park as it is but when we find a spot in the 2 hour lot and need to go somewhere using another car or go out with friends, there’s a fear of coming back to the car with a $38 citation. Residents should be exempt from citations and the 5 hour and 2 hour limits should be enforced for business and customers of businesses.

   34. One of the biggest problems is people bringing home their work trucks, also, people who own very large pickup trucks that require more then one space to park. They should be considered recreational vehicle like campers and perked off streets. One more consideration are residential businesses who’s employee take up parking spaces all day and in the evenings as well.

   35. The neighborhood I live in is impacted by the train station. People do not want to pay the daily fee so they park in the neighborhood. That means fewer available parking spaces for residents. Charging for permits we limit the number of permits issued and will limit the number of cars.

   36. Enforcement will be key, especially with airport commuters who leave their cars for days on end. Now there is zero enforcement even when reported. Consider like SF where daytime is unrestricted but evening is permitted. Surely there are existing templates to copy. Thank you! Let’s do it!

   37. Living on 2nd Ave & Walnut st. Being closed to Caltrain and auto shops, a lot of our parking is taken by non residents sometimes over 24 hrs. Parking permits for resident would help tremendously on this area.

   38. Businesses should have there own parking lot. They take all the street parking in our neighborhood.

   39. One movable Visitor permit perhaps?

   40. The new transit corridor needs to add way more parking than they are requiring for new buildings. At least 2 spots per 1 bedroom, and additional spots per additional bedroom. They also need room for guest parking at each building.

   41. we have cars that park in front of our house for weeks at a time. people park and get rides to the airport. i am frustrated by this. the front of my house is NOT free airport parking. i think these cars should be towed at the owners expense or they should pay a large fine.

   42. I’d like 4 to be the max amount. I’m also very much a firm believer in that the spot in front of my house is mine. The problem is the apartment buildings. Good luck I like your commitment. 

   43. I think each address should get two permits for street parking, but you can park in your garage or driveway without a permit. Therefore, houses with garages that are being used for housing have made a choice for one less space. And houses with many occupants and no garage space will need to find parking elsewhere. I hope that this would also deter people from building non-permitted apartments.