Oversized Commercial Vehicles On SB Residential Streets

We must change San Bruno Ordinance 7.24.050 and 7.24.010 oversized vehicles. These ordinances were written in 1984. The ordinance restricts vehicles greater than 21 feet in length, 6 feet 6 inches wide, and greater than 6 thousand pounds from parking or driving on residential streets if not making deliveries. These ordinances make it illegal for oversized vehicles to use our neighborhoods for parking or transiting through. The problem is they do not allow our police to cite the vehicle until they have given a 12 hour warning first. The city requires a resident to make a complaint first, without the complaint our police will drive by these trucks without taking action. If the owner moves the vehicle and keeps it off the street for 120 hours they can return it to the street again. This starts the clock all over again. This ordinance and the cities practice of waiting to warn until a resident has complained is at the root of this problem. As a result our streets are being battered daily under the weight of these commercial trucks and are less safe for our friends and families. This ordinance must be changed. SSF’s ordinance allows their officers to cite without warning. Our police need to be able to do this too, but first our city council must authorize a change to these ordinances. Until then we will live frustrated by our streets being used by oversized commercial trucks. If you want this changed go to city council and demand it.

On Tuesday June 27th Stephen Seymour a candidate for San Bruno City Council used public comments to request the city change this ordinance. On Wednesday June 28th he sent this email to Irene O’Connel and the rest of the city council.

Good Evening Irene, 

Last night I used public comments to address this ordinance. It was written in 1984. It lacks the ability to allow the police to cite individuals who violate city laws restricting vehicles 21 ft long, 6 1/2 wide and greater than 6K pounds from using residential streets to transit or park. Our police are required to give a 12 hour warning first. If the truck moves and stays off the street for 120 hours the clock starts all over again. These trucks play musical streets all week long. Our public’s safety and public streets are impacted negatively. Neighboring cities have ordinances that allow their police officers the ability to cite without warning. 

Please address this issue without delay. 33 years of this ordinance have had an impact on the quality of life the people of impacted neighborhoods feel. 
I’ll remind you periodically and keep this discussion alive until this is updated. Irene, please let us know that you are working to change this ordinance to the benefit of all San Bruno residents. 
Stephen Seymour 

We hope the city acts on this soon. This ordinance holds these neighborhoods from taking an important step towards returning them to the state they once were in, a place to play for our children without fear of being run over by a 3 ton truck.

We have an update from the city. Marty Medina sent this email with an update.

Good morning ,

Thank you for the email. 

Based on your photos and my observations there are numerous oversized vehicles in our residential neighborhoods however the vehicle owners know how to move them around and avoid citations.  Mr. Seymour discussed the current enforcement policy at the last council meeting.  Oversized vehicles are one issue that will be reviewed at the upcoming Parking Subcommittee meeting.  I am interested in improving our parking enforcement and allowing, “Cite on Sight”, which will help free up parking spaces for residential use.    Revising the policy will be considered and hopefully brought forward for council action. 

I hope you can agree progress has been made in improving San Bruno neighborhoods.  It takes time to modify the behavior of our residents.  We are moving in the right direction… not fast enough for some… maybe too fast for others.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Marty Medina
San Bruno City Council

We hope the subcommittee addresses the oversized vehicles that are impacting the quality of life and property values in our neighborhoods soon. In our opinion Marty is the only council member who has the courage to face this issue. This issue has opponents on both sides, but we believe that our resdidential neighborhoods should be returned to the safe places we all deserve for our children sake. Thank you Marty for fighting for our families safety and for our residential neighborhoods. Oversized vehicles do no belong on our residential streets or worse yet parked on the lawns in our neighborhoods.