Our Schools Are At Risk


Our Schools Are At Risk. Yesterday, March 29th an emergency meeting was held at the Firemen’s Hall with parents, teachers, union advisors and community advocates present. Negotiations between the San Bruno Education Association and the District have been unsuccessful. There is deep concern from parents and teachers about the impact this will have on our entire community. The school teachers pleaded with those in attendance, ” We are partners in your child’s education, we need your help now more than ever”. They claimed that monetary and program decisions are being made without the meaningful input of the educators of San Bruno. The teachers who spoke expressed their deep care for the kids and the future of this District. A concern raised was that the District’s decisions will create another substantial teacher exodus. We learned that over the last (2) years (50) teachers have left the San Bruno Park School District. We learned that the district has taken any wage increase off the table and has walked away from negotiations.

We were told that our teachers are among the lowest paid in the county and have only received one pay increase in the past (10) years. If true, we ask you, would you be asking for a wage increase? Would you be looking for another job? Would you be considering leaving the district? Would you feel a valued member of the school district?

We are offering both the Teachers Union and the School Board an opportunity to share the facts keeping them from negotiating a new contract. Last night the teachers addressed the public with their concerns. They made a very compelling argument on their behalf. We would like to keep this conversation alive to compel both sides to negotiate in good faith on behalf of our children’s futures.

We will launch a survey you can take this weekend. This survey will be active for (2) weeks and will show the results through this period.