New Apartment Complex at San Bruno Ave and El Camino – They Are Selling Your Street

Do you care about your QUALITY OF LIFE? If so READ THIS WHOLE POST. The current owners of the Mills Park Plaza (G.W. Williams website info: have hired Signature Land Advisors, Inc. They are in the beginning stages of planning and no official plans have been submitted. However, based on information shared last night it appears they want to build 4-5 story Apartment buildings facing El Camino with apartments on top and retail on the bottom. Buildings facing our neighborhood plan to be shorter but no definite height. The apartments will start at San Bruno Ave and El Camino and continue down to the Library. If you missed last nights meeting and want more information contact Tom Quaglia directly at 650-947-4087 or

Unless the neighbors near this site are active in influencing the design they will see more cars parked on their streets. Our cities Transit Corridor Plan underestimates the parking needs for new building in and around our downtown. Without resident action your city planners and elected officials will approve new development that impacts your quality of life. We
suggest that all Neighborhoods within a quarter mile of downtown let their city manager and city council know they want a parking permit plan. The permit plan will influence developers to ensure they build enough parking onsite. Let Connie Jackson( our City Manager ) and our Mayor Duane know your thoughts. Our neighborhoods should not be sacrificed to those who plan to profit from our passage of measure N. Please attend all future meetings concerning the development of our transit corridor. The developers of Mills Park seem to be receptive to our comments. Together we can shape our downtown into a family friendly walking destination for all.

Send emails to Connie Jackson at

Send emails to Mayor Ruane at _mayor/