Intersection Of Cherry Avenue & San Bruno Avenue

Lori Burns of Mills Park Posted the following on

“The Mayor and City Manager have agreed to meet me on Monday, March 27th at 3:30pm at the southwest corner of Cherry Av and San Bruno AV to see the problem with that intersection first hand ( a great thing). I invite any concerned residents to meet with us at that time as well. I am fairly certain the dangerous problems will be obvious as we cross the intersections. peace”

The Mercury News printed an article on February 2nd, 2017 about Carly Flynn who was walking home from the Starbucks at Bayhill Shopping Center around 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 19 when she was hit by a white mid-size SUV while crossing San Bruno Avenue in a crosswalk.

At 1:30 PM today Lori received a call from City Hall indicating the Mayor and the City Manager would have to cancel. Lori convinced the city to keep their appointment with these concerned residents.  Many in this neighborhood are interested in the cities plans to address the safety issues at this intersection. Connie Jackson, the City Manager arrived with the Chief of Police. A motorcycle police officer arrived earlier. The city engineer was also present.  A dozen interested residents were waiting to address them. There was a discussion where residents shared their ideas about how the city could make this intersection safer. The meeting lasted more than an hour.  Several residents described how they had almost been struck while in the crosswalk. Together the group watched the dangerous driving habits. Connie and the Police walked this intersection so they could witness the conditions first hand.

It was great to see a group of residents, brought together by Lori Burns’s posting on engaging their city officials to address the conditions at this intersection. This is an example of how residents can organize and get action through this site. These residents are looking for a solution soon. Click here for a short video.

We want to remind everyone that there is still an ongoing case, anyone with information about the case can contact the San Bruno Police Department at 650-616-7100 or Information can be left anonymously.

Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Carly Flynn.