Improving our dog park by Ryan M.

I would like to share a concern about the dog park I am asking to be put on the Park and Rec Commission agenda so that it might be taken up by the City Council. To achieve this I sent the following letter to the Commission. Whether you agree or disagree with my ideas I encourage you to send your remarks to the Commission by emailing

Dear Commissioners: I am writing to ask for a discussion about improving the dog park be put on your agenda. As a dog owner, I can personally attest to the poor condition of the dog park. I understand we do not have limitless funds and there are many priorities. I would like to make the following suggestions as part of a multi-phased improvement plan for the dog park that I think is budget-friendly,

1. We must work with the land we have. We can’t afford other land. Luckily our dog park is surrounded by unused land owned by San Bruno. I suggest the first phase of improvements be moving the fences approximately 27 feet to the west (bordering the baseball field), 73 feet to the south (to the Caltrans easement) and 40 feet to the east (to the Federal Govt. property line). This would increase the space from approximately 150 feet by 130 feet or approximately 19,000 sq. feet to approximately 230 by 200 feet or approximately 45,000 square feet. This doubles the size of the dog park and puts it more in line with the size of other dog parks on the Peninsula. I would suggest that only a four-foot fence is needed keeping in line with other dog parks on the Peninsula. I assume this will save money and look more inviting. We could even recycle some of the existing fence.

2. The next phase I would suggest is to ask the federal govt. to donate a further 50 by 100-foot or 5000 square foot section to the east of the dog park. This area could be enclosed and be a sanctuary for smaller dogs and their owners. That would enable the entirety of the dog park to be for dogs of all sizes. If this can’t be done a 5000-sq. ft. section within the park can be set aside. The current configuration doesn’t allow for a truly separate area.

3. Our dog park, unlike other dog parks on the Peninsula, has no walking path. I would suggest hiring a landscape architect to design a compacted decomposed granite path around the expanded park. I suggest removing vegetation and leveling off areas necessary to an ADA compliant path and to make it more visually pleasing. This will keep as many of the trees as possible (providing a windbreak) and would have a unique feel to other dog parks on the Peninsula which are mostly bare of trees and vegetation.

4. This area is near the Bayhill Specific plan. I don’t know if it is possible to incorporate into that plan, but I would suggest that could move the project forward faster and at less cost. Thank you, Ryan Mrsny