Where is the Heart of San Bruno?

A message from Stephen Seymour. I am a candidate for City Council. I want to build a city government where you have a voice in our cities direction. Today our city fails to listen to their residents. How can they serve our interest if they don’t listen? If you have been to a council meeting lately you know what I mean. Several members of our City Council make it painfully obvious they would rather no one attend the meetings. Their body language says it all!

This year we have an opportunity to change 3 members of our council and give our residents a voice. Mayor Ruane, Council member Ken Ibarra’s and Rico Medina’s seats are up. The mayor and Mr. Ibarra have been on our city council for more than 2 decades. This is too long for anyone to serve as a council member. So much has changed in the last 20 years.

One of my areas of focus is our downtown corridor. We have one of the most underserved and under utilized downtowns in the Bay Area. This provides great opportunity for our city, but we must take the lead and provide direction. It will take vision to make the decisions required to mold San Mateo Avenue into the downtown we can all be proud of. If we fail to exercise oversight, our downtown could easily become an eyesore draining the life out of the existing neighborhoods. Click here to view a video about the importance of our downtown corridors.

Main Streets are the heart of our communities and Main Street America‘s brand new video shows the power of their potential: to revive local economies, bring communities together, and forge the future for cities and towns across the country. Watch, share, and learn more at http://www.mainstreet.org

If you are ready for change and are concerned about the lack of partnership between city hall and our residents, are concerned about what will become of the heart of our city, San Mateo Avenue, then please vote for me. I have 3 decades of experience listening to people and turning their ideas into results that benefit us all. As the Managing Director of Operations for FedEx I relied on support from those I served to strengthen operations. With your support I will do the same for San Bruno.