David Canepa Supporting Murals in Brisbane

Stephen Seymour, candidate for city council writes – Our city council and city manager should support the arts as part of their plan to revitalize our transit corridor. The city is currently against placing murals in our downtown. I believe our city lacks the vision to ensure future development compliments and make our city stronger and more vibrant. Please ask your elected officials and city management to care for the history of this city and to protect our past. David Canepa, one of our San Mateo County Supervisor, can be seen in the photo above supporting the arts in Brisbane. I am interested in what you feel about the revitalization of our downtown and wether our city should celebrate our heritage and culture with some well placed murals. Your input is valuable to this conversation. Thank you.

Above students at one of our schools are painting a mural. Murals bring people and communities together.