Council Member Marty Medina Supporting A Parking Solution

Council member Marty Medina is one of two San Bruno council members assigned to find a parking solution that improves the current state of affairs. Below you will find a copy of a recent post on by Marty.


“It took many years for the parking problems to build in San Bruno. I have a pretty good understanding of how bad the parking is in some neighborhoods. On my street we do the “San Bruno Shuffle”. The first person home parks on the street if there is any space. If not then we park in the driveway. Since I leave home first, I have to move the car when Momma gets home or else we both get up early to move the cars when I leave. When I campaigned in the Avenues and other areas, I could not find a space to park the car!

The former El Camino Theatre site is turning into 83 units with 106 parking spaces and ZERO parking allocated for the business(es) and retail customers on the first floor. This will impact the parking in the neighboring streets. All development needs to address and mitigate the impact to the current residents. Parking permits are one way to improve the situation.

San Bruno’s east side was built long ago when most people had ONE car. The lots were smaller, with less on-street parking available, some driveways were used to access your driveway, not to park your car.
It all is made worse with the combination of higher density apartments, larger families with more cars, renting of rooms, second units, downtown shoppers/workers, etc… Then you have the trailers, inoperable vehicles taking up driveway space, Airport parking, and commuter parking.

Councilman Rico Medina and I have been appointed to a subcommittee to improve the situation. We realize we are NOT going to solve the problem. Simply, there are too many cars. Each neighborhood has its own distinct elements and issues. What will work for one area will not work in others. It’s a huge problem that will take time to improve. The subcommittee also has two members of the Traffic Parking & Safety committee. We look forward to having our first meeting very soon. I will let everyone know as soon as I have the confirmed date.

Also, BART owns the former rail spur property within Bayshore. I doubt they will just give it away… and then we need to budget for the improvements. In June the council will have budget meetings. That would be an opportune time for the community to request specific projects.

I am available to meet with you and/or others to discuss specific issues (parking and/or anything else). Let me know when you have the time. I have a full time job and return to San Bruno around 5:30 PM on weekdays. The weekends also have some limited time to meet. I can be reached here online, private message, email or phone 650-580-3445.”