City Council Votes On Trial Period For Dogs In City Park And Grundy Park

Tonight the City Council Meeting was packed with residents who love their dogs. A resident made a proposal during a Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting a couple months ago to allow dogs on leashes in city parks. As a result a proposal was brought forward to the city council for vote tonight. The proposal was to allow dogs on a 6′ leash in City Park and in Grundy Park for a (6) month trial period. At the end of this period the city will review the results and determine what steps to take next. The law banning dogs in city parks dates back to 1988. San Bruno may be the only city in the county that continues to have laws keeping dogs out of city parks. While there are laws against dogs in parks we all know they are not upheld. At least one city official expressed their concern about enforcement.

A long time San Bruno resident, David Brandi led the effort on to support this proposal. His efforts helped to pack the room with supporting residents. The Mayor was not present at this meeting, he did however, express his support for the trial period in a previous meeting. Council Members Marty Medina, Rico Medina and Ken Ibarra voted in support of this proposal, council member Irene O’Connell did not. She expressed her concern for her grandchild who is scared of dogs.

More than (10) San Bruno residents spoke in favor of the proposed trial period. All were passionate about their dogs as family members. One of the most compelling, was a young boy who spoke before the council members.

As a result of an overwhelming support by many dog loving residents, we will see a temporary ordinance change at City Park and Grundy Park. Look to signage changes soon. If you love your dogs and want to see this become permanent please clean up after your them, keep them on the pathways and on a 6′ leash. After the effort taken to pass this, do not allow a few irresponsible dog owners to ruin it for everyone. Stay vigilant so this becomes more than a trial period.

This temporary change in a long standing ordinance was made possible by an active group of residents. This is an example of what we can do together to influence our elected officials.